Dave's Weekend in 5 Photos: Amy Grew Up Listening to KDWB, Now She's A...

I hope you had a great last weekend of summer! It wasn't the prettiest, sunniest weekend but it was alright. Let's get started with pictures from the weekend!

You may have heard me say that I got an electric skateboard a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it! It's like snowboarding on a sidewalk. The thing is, it can move pretty fast. There's a trigger that makes it go faster, the more you squeeze. So I'm standing on it, squeezing the trigger and nothing happened. So I squeeze it all the way and that thing took off on me. What you're picturing is exactly what happened. My legs went horizontal and I feel hard on my knee, hip and elbow. It could have been a lot worse, I guess.

I went out again Saturday and rode 10 miles. This is Lake Minnewashta in Chanhassen. If you live in Chan, Excelsior, Victoria or Chaska and have never been to Minnewashta Park, you're missing out. It's never crowded and the back trails feel like you're a million miles from anywhere.

I had the honor of emceeing "Girls In Aviation Day" on Saturday. I'm a pilot and it was so cool to see so many girls there, checking out careers in aviation, or just enjoying the day! Someone actually came up to me, annoyed that a man was chosen to emcee this event. At first I listened, wondering if they had a point. But I explained that it can't just be women that encourage girls and women. Men need to show support too. They gave me a dirty look and said, "You have a good day." I didn't let it bother me though. Sometimes people just can't be happy.

One of the guest speakers was an Air Force Captain who spoke about her flying career and how she had to fight to overcome severe airsickness to become a pilot. Now she flies a huge plane called the C-130 Hercules. After I heard her speak, she told me she grew up listening to our show and asked if could get a picture with me. I was like, "Picture with ME? I want a picture with YOU!" Great to meet you Amy!

Have a great week! Thanks for listening to KDWB and thanks for looking at my blog!


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