Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Omaha and Back in a Day to Pick Up Our New Dog

Everyone thinks we're crazy so go ahead and join the masses. After the radio show on Friday I jumped in the car and drove 5 1/2 hours to a small town outside of Omaha to pick up a little puppy that we decided to name Louie. It's technically Olivia's birthday gift but it's still going to be a family pet which is why everyone is saying, "Are you crazy?!?" I'll be honest, going from one dog to two dogs was crazy, adding a third that will never get very big doesn't seem to be a big deal. The drive to get the pup by myself wasn't tough, near the end if was just boring.

Louie's been with us for a few days and it's been great so far, more pictures and some video of him with our Golden Doodles in another blog.

Saturday I was pretty tired after not getting home until 1:15am, Isaac and Olivia went to a friends birthday party and this is my favorite picture of Isaac from the party at Vertical Endeavors. The boy has no fear and for being 8 years-old was pretty awesome.

While the kids were at the birthday party, Kristy and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Minneapolis, Rainbow Chinese. SO GOOD.

Here's Kristy's sitting outside the restaurant with Louie, we brought him along since he's only 7 weeks old and we knew we'd be gone for a few hours.

Final picture, of some of the sunflowers and a big summer squash that I pulled out of the garden I have behind the house.

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