Justin Bieber Admits to Drugs and Making Bad Decisions in Instagram Post


Everyone knows that Justin Bieber is one of the biggest names in music and we all know about his struggles with mental health, and on Monday night, in a lengthy Instagram post, Bieber opened up about this topic as well as the impact of growing up as a child star.

"Have you noticed the statistics of child stars and the outcome of their life? There is an insane pressure and responsibility put on a child who's brain, emotions, frontal lobes (decision making) aren't developed yet," he wrote. In the post, Bieber acknowledges that being "rebellious" and "defiant" with no rationality is a part of young adult life that most people go through, "but when youadd the pressure of stardom, it does something to you that is quite unexplainable [sic]", especially if you haven't grown up in a stable home. He wrote, "I went from [being] a 13-year-old boy from a small town to being praised left and right by the world."

Read Justin's entire post below.



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