Tina's Labor Day Weekend in Five-ish Photos 8/30 - 9/2

Happy September!!

Bring on sweaters and PSLs!

Friday 8/30 -

I said goodbye to the State Fair with one more round with my friends Lauren & Harry!

I won big at the midway - fun fact, I don't believe I've every lost playing the water gun game.

Saturday 8/31 -

I went into a deap hybernation Saturday & most of Sunday. I watched a lot of movies & TV shows... a lot.

Here are the things I binged:

Falling Inn Love - New rom com on Netflix. 6/10

Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly - also on Netflix. I cried more times than I want to admit. 8.5/10

The Great British Baking Show - I rewatched season 6 after watching the first episode of season 7. Rahul 4 Lyfe. 10/10

Euphoria - Finally got around to watching this & OMG was it worth it! 9.5/10

Country Strong - I dunno, it was on demand & I think I've only seen it once before. Not for me. 5/10

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - still going with the theme of 'movies I forgot that I've seen'. Honestly forgot that this once is actually really interesting. 7.5/10

John Mulaney: New in Town - one of the greatest comedy speicals of all time & Harry hadn't seen it. 10/10

Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid - If you like John Mulaney & really dry comedy this is for you. My friend Tom hadn't see it.. so I obviously had to rewatch it too. 10/10

Riverdale - only made it about 3 episodes into season 3. 6/10 (bonus point for corniness)

Pirates of the Caribbean - Remembered how epic this first movie was. Only got 20 minutes in before I remembered I had to do this post (will resume shortly). 10/10

So yeah. That was my Saturday/Sunday. I did not physically speak to another human during this time.

Sunday 9/1 -

I emerged from my deap hibernation around 6PM. At that time I contacted Harry & basically invited myself to hang out with him because I was going to lose my mind. We put together a desk then went to ice cream with his brother, Sam.

Monday 9/2 -

Cleaned my house in the morning before meal prepping and making a pretty epic grilled peach.

Later I went to double dinner with my friend Tom. We got salads for dinner & then realized we were still hungry/wanted dessert so then had second dinner.

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