Dave's Weekend in 5 Photos: The Worst KDWB Lake Patrol Ever

What a weekend! I hope you're packing lots into your summer weekends because before you know it, the days will get shorter and the leaves will start to turn. EFF THAT! I love summer and I'm going to squeeze every bit out of it that I can!

Here's my weekend in five pictures!

I've been jet skiing a few times before but never in Minnesota and never regularly. But we re-discovered how fun it is when Carson and I went last week. Friday, Susan and I went on one ski and Carson took the other. I drove most of the way, but Susan wanted to drive so here's me on the back while she's at the controls.

A few years ago, I said, "Hey, we should do some kind of Lake Patrol this summer where we go out on a boat and give out prizes. GREAT! We've been doing it ever since. Yesterday I was way excited to go do the first one of the season on Lake Minnetonka. It was a beautiful day and we'd planned everything perfectly.

Well, two problems. First, the boat we rented wasn't working so we had to get another one. That made us a little late. Finally we're on our way and halfway to Big Island, the engine gives out. We were stranded in the middle of Lake Minnetonka for 2 hours. But we made the most of it, cracking jokes, making up tasteless rap songs and chatting. We never did make it to Big Island and that's really embarrassing and sucks. But sometimes s**t happens. You can control what you can control and you can't stress too hard about what you can't.

As soon as we got towed back to the dock, I had to race to the airport for a flying lesson. I've been flying since 1994 and I absolutely love it. This time I got to learn how to fly a plane I've never flown before. They all pretty much fly alike, but the controls are different in every plane. And yes, every pilot has a fantasy of them being asked to land an airliner after the pilot and co-pilot are incapacitated by food poisoning. #Hero

I took Josie for a walk Sunday and it was cloudy and kind of gloomy out and that's okay. But halfway through the walk, it started pouring rain. No lightning, so it wasn't scary, it was just wet with two miles to go to get home.

This is my meat smoker, which coincidentally was Steve-O's mom's nickname in high school. I used it for the second time on Sunday to smoke chicken. It's got one hour left as I write this so I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out.

I hope you had a good weekend! Short week, here we come!

Thanks for looking at my blog.


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