The Nightmare Falen and Jenny Found During our Adopt a Highway Clean Up

Twice a year the Dave Ryan Show cleans a stretch of Highway 7 in St. Louis Park and this time Falen and Jenny found something in the bushes along the highway straight out of a horror movie. Steve and his group found the normal stuff while cleaning the south side of highway 7 including bottles of liquor, newspapers, stolen credit cards, etc but while walking the north side Falen and Jenny sound something you'd see during a horror movie. At first glance you may notice the pile of bones on the right side of the screen but do you see that THING on the left hand side.


WTF!?!?!?!?!?! It's a fish BUT DO YOU SEE THE TEETH and THE EYES on that that thing. It's a freaking nightmare.

See more pictures of the "treats" we found while cleaning up HWY 7.

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