Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Isaac Met Shawn Mendes and Rockin Rogers

Meeting a famous person two weekends in a row is not a normal occurrence for me. Last weekend my wife her idol, Sarah Jessica Parker at the Mall of America and on Friday our son, Isaac met his current musical idol, Shawn Mendes!

It was the first concert Isaac’s ever attended by himself and it was awesome, got to meet Shawn, check out the backstage experience and got to watch the Q&A he did with fans. One of the fun parts during the Q&A was when Shawn asked, “What’s a Minnesota phrase I can use during the concert?” I told him what to say and he did it! You can see video of him doing it here.

The rest of the weekend was spent running around, Saturday and Sunday Isaac had his final soccer tournament. Between games on Saturday Isaac and Olivia went to the Rockin Rogers Carnival and because we’re gluttons for punishment then won FOUR fish.

Saturday evening Kristy and I went to see Hairball at the Rogers Fire Department. If you’ve never heard of Hairball they’re a cover band with three lead singers who dress up in the costumes of the artist they’re performing.If you haven’t seen them do yourself a favor and go! (I'm posting this bad picture of Kristy and I because it's the only one we have from Saturday night)

On Sunday while Kristy was at the Pride Parade with her mom, I sat in the rain and watched Isaac play his last soccer game of the season before he heads to NY with his sister and Grandma on Wednesday.

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