Minnesota Dad Drowns Trying to Save Son on Father's Day Weekend

Christoper Schultz plunged into the body of water Saturday after his boy slipped through bridge railings about 8:30 p.m. at Dead Shot Bay in Minnesota, according to the Becker County Sheriff's Office. 

"The little boy was leaning over the railing when he saw a fish and went over," Sheriff Todd Glander told InsideEdition.com Monday. "The dad went in after him."

The dad was "struggling right away," Glander said. "The father was able to keep the child above the water," until a bystander grabbed the toddler from his dad's upraised hands. The child was then taken to shore but Charles never resurfaced.

His mother posted about about her son on the families GoFundMe page saying,

I’m Chris mom my son was a very good dad he would do this all over again a day out fishing with his sons 4 years and 3 years turned into a tragedy he did the unthinkable As his 3 year old fell he didn’t even think twice as he dove into the water as he struggled to save his son he gave his own life to make sure his son got to be her another day I would have the same for Chris I love my son with all my heart I will miss him but I will remember him trew his 4 kids This is to help with everything and I thank all the ones that have donated

Friends of Schultz have spoken highly of his heroic sacrifice and there's a GoFundMe page you can support which as of Wednesday morning was near its $10,000 goal.

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