Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: My Wife Met Sarah Jessica Parker

Let's start at the highlight of the weekend, on Father's Day my wife got to do something she didn't think would ever happen, she got to meet Sarah Jessica Parker. Kristy has loved SJP since she starred in a movie called "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and of course loved her in Sex in the City and everything in between. Sarah was at the grand opening of her store at Mall of America on Sunday and she actually got to meet her. Kristy bought a pair of SJP shoes and enjoyed a minute with her, it was pretty incredible because this is a woman she's always loved and to meet her and get a picture made for a pretty incredible Father's Day.

The other highlight she had over the weekend was a birthday celebration, we spent most of the on her birthday at a soccer tournament for our son but we did get to go to dinner downtown at Al's Place which was incredible. We had an amazing dinner and even got to sit in Al's booth. (Sorry for the blurry pic but I like the smile on her face during this)

Isaac's team worked hard this weekend, there a great group of boys but the sign below has to be the most memorable thing I saw all weekend. #ParentsBeCrazy


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