7 Signs Your Family is Feeling Too Much Stress

The best thing about this blog is the silly, staged pictures of these models pretending to be a fighting family. I mean, look.

How can they look so beautiful and perfect while bitching at each other at dinner? And there's this one.

I've never seen an attractive and well-dressed family look so unhappy!

Anyway, I found this article and I checked it out immediately because our family has a lot of stress. I have a job that keeps me so busy sometimes I don't have time to do anything besides work. Carson is worried about moving away to college and the stress of making it in the music business. Susan is stressed because she's busy, runs the house and has to put up with me!

Is your family too stressed? One sign is our sign: We're too busy all the time. Another sign is everyone's sick too often. Colds, belly issues, etc.

Check out the entire great article from parents.com here.

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