Falen Let Me Feel Her Baby Kick at KDWB Star Party?!

So we're sitting backstage at #KDWBStarParty (do hashtags work in blogs???) and all the sudden everyone starts circling the one and only, Falen. She's expecting... if you haven't heard... Tina, Weather girl Jenny & some random stage worker were feeling her baby kick in the midst of all the madness before we took the stage.


As an expecting father. I have been super eager to feel my own baby kick. My wife, Jenn, has felt little punches and flutters on the inside. However, I have not been able to feel any physical connection with the baby cause i'm a dude and dudes can't get pregnant (except that one guy that was on Ellen that one time). Soooo I got excited and maybe a little too connected when I heard there was a baby trying to communicate with the outside world via a Kick in Falen's stomach (wait. are babies in stomachs? or the uterus? Idk. Whatever).

After the go ahead, I touched Falen's stomach. I felt a little wham bam on the inside of my hand and IMMEDIATELY pulled away. "What have I done?" I thought...

I felt like I cheated on my baby. I shouldn't be feeling any other baby kicks besides my own! Anyways, Shout out Falen and her baby for this blog content.


Thanks for reading! Love you

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