Steve-O's Wknd in Five(ish) Pics: Ja Rule at Star Party, Ballet and More


Just when I thought I didn't have enough to do over the weekend I spent my entire weekend running around like a crazy person. The weekend started with running around looking for an outfit for Star Party. Friday night at Myth was awesome, the crowd was great, the artist were great and while Ja Rule smelled like he had bathed in a tub of bud it didn't matter because all of it was great. Minneapolis's LIZZO crushed it on-stage, as soon as she walked out the entire place erupted.

A high for me had to be playing name that tune (all Ja Rule songs) with Ja Rule before he hit the stage.

The rest of the weekend has been a blur. We had two birthday parties, a ballet recital which due to technical difficulties ran behind and a last day of school party. I know in the past I complain about not having enough to do well this weekend we had TOO much to do.

Olivia's ballet recital was great! Her ballet school did Alice in Wonderland and she did awesome.

After the performance we went to one of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities called the Rivers Inn in Hanover, OMG, so freakin good.

Finally, Sunday we continued a tradition with two of Olivia's best friends from kindergarten and threw a last day of school party the night before the last day. Here's Olivia with Serena and Brynna from when they graduated Kindergarten to Sunday, the night before they graduated 4th grade.


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