Woman Was Kicked Out of a Buffet for Dressing "Too Provocatively" Was She?

There's a woman named Suerette Emke in Erie, Pennsylvania. And she and her family were recently eating at a Golden Corral buffet when the manager KICKED HER OUT.

He said she was dressed, quote, "too provocatively" and some other people complained

So . . . what was she wearing? Suerette was kind enough to take a bathroom selfie of her outfit and it's a crop top that shows a LOT of cleavage and a little bit of her stomach, and some cut-off denim shorts.

I'm guessing that it was the ample cleavage that drew the attention, but she disagrees.

She wrote on Facebook she thinks people had an issue with the small amount of her stomach that was showing because she's, quote, "not thin, so it's not considered sexy."

A regional manager from Golden Corral wound up apologizing to Suerette when she called to complain. 


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