That's It! Ten Ways People Knew It Was Time For a Divorce


BuzzFeed asked users how they knew it was time to get divorced and these are ten of the most insightful responses from the survey

  1. When my husband came home and told me he’d always love me, but he was going to start sleeping with other women and I’d just have to learn to deal with it."
  2. "When he told me that he had been keeping a secret diary of all the things I did 'wrong.' He told me he cheated on me and the only reason he married me was because he needed help with rent. We went to therapy and our therapist told me to end it and get as far away from him as possible."
  3. "I knew when I finally applied for and got my dream job, which was in a different city. He got angry and said there were jobs in the city we already lived in."
  4. "When he told me during therapy that he had been purposely withholding sex and communication because he knew it would make me sad. If I wasn’t being nice enough to him, his logic was to take away things that made me happy. It pretty much killed any hope to fix things after that."
  5. "I knew when he told me he couldn’t continue to live like we were after I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. It made me realize how he was mentally abusive."
  6. "I realized I was killing myself trying to take care of his needs over mine and whenever I asked for his help his response was always, 'I can’' I was staying in it for the kids, but when I saw how his self-centeredness was also impacting them, I knew it was time."
  7. "One day I spent eight hours cleaning the house from top to bottom with my only request from my husband being to wash the dishes. At the end of my cleaning rampage, I found the sink to be as I left it at the beginning of the day, full of dirty dishes. That was the last straw in in a pile of problems. I told him I was done, packed a suitcase, and headed out never looking back."
  8. "When I realized my worth. I was tired of making excuses for him and forgiving transgressions that I knew deep in my core were not forgivable. I knew I was worthy and deserving of more. I had to stand up for myself and show my young daughter that no one should take away your self-worth."
  9. "We moved to a new city and he told me I didn’t need a GPS in my car because he had one in his and 'we’d never be apart.' A year and a half later, guess what I got AS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT."
  10. "He mentioned something about 'our' retirement plan to our neighbor and I realized, 'I cannot grow old with this man.' It felt like a life sentence."

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