Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: My Weekend To Do List and My Crabby Daughter

Where's the worst place you can be on the Friday before a holiday weekend? I'll answer that question for you, the obvious answer is COSTCO. I should have just skipped as soon as I realized that I would be parking in the Home Depot parking lot instead of the Costco parking lot.

The major project for the weekend was landscaping, I ended up having to haul three yards of mulch, a yard of dirt and plant flowers and vegetables. I spent the entire day on Saturday and most of Sunday doing it. Kristy planted a brand new garden in our front and back yard, we also planted lilac bushes and put in a new rock edging.

Kristy also decided that she really wants a zero turn lawnmower because she'll look basdass in it.

Here's some of the new garden, I would have taken more picture of it today but the weather has made that impossible.

Finally, my favorite moment from the weekend occurred while making a seafood boil on Sunday. Olivia is for some reason scared of crab so of COURSE I walked up behind her with a crab leg and tapped her on the shoulder and both kids reactions are priceless.

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