Dave's Weekend in Six Pictures: We Ended Up WHERE???

I'm writing this Monday and it's wet and gross outside, but I'm not complaining! Friday afternoon through Sunday night was gorgeous. And it's not always that way on Memorial Day Weekend in Minnesota. In about 2011, we made a weekend camping trip to Duluth and it rained the entire time. We'd brought our bikes along and planned on going for long rides, but we ended up sitting in a rented cabin playing games instead. We even came home a day early because of the rain.

So this weekend, we got outside and enjoyed it! And we ended up at one place we'd never been and didn't expect to go to. Here's my weekend in SIX pictures.

Friday night, Allison was over so we tried on Carson's graduation cap. Lemme tell ya, it's very strange to see your kid wearing one of these for the first time!

Since Allison was over, we got out some old home videos to watch, ones that honestly, we haven't watched since they were taken. Seeing my kids as little babies and little funny, silly 8 year olds again was so much fun. This is Beth when she was 9 with me in Phoenix. Beth turned 37 this past weekend! We both look a little different but I loved this screen grab because it really shows how close we were and how much fun we always had together.

No real story behind this one, I just thought it was sweet. Josie is everybody's best friend.

Saturday afternoon we went to Halla Greens to hit golf balls.

Sunday was the kind of day we wait all winter for! We rode almost 200 miles down through Prior Lake, Stillwater, Taylors Falls, North Branch and Maple Grove. And because I got out so much on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I feel better about being stuck inside all day Monday.

We were coming down 35 from North Branch and on a whim we stopped at Running Aces in Forest Lake. We'd never been and it sounded fun so we stopped and bet on a few races. We didn't win anything but it was fun to be spontaneous and do something different.

I hope you had a great weekend! Bring on more summer weather! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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