Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures: A Rainy, Cold Weekend and CHER

Like everyone else the rain has truly dampened all the plans for the weekend. I wish I had some exciting tail to tell of adventure and activity but it was a truly boring and uneventful weekend. Some people say that’s occasionally nice, not to have anything to do but not for me, it sucks.

Friday started off really nice and I just like this picture of Isaac from the way home from school on Friday!

Then the weekend turned into a cold, wet disaster. I hate to be the gray cloud but this is simply ridiculous and it just made for a bad weekend.

Saturday was spent doing some at home but the highlight was going to St. Paul and having dinner at Boca Chica. Driving to St. Paul for dinner isn't something I usually do, I wanted to do it because I knew that I was going to be on that side of town because I told Kristy I'd drive her to St. Paul to see Cher.

Kristy said Cher was amazing, the woman turned 74 years-old on Sunday and she still moves across the stage like someone half her age and I honestly really like the poster she got.

I warned you it was a boring weekend, more proof, the only pic I have from Sunday is of a Moscow Mule I had when we went out for dinner on Sunday. Let's hope next weekend is better.

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