My Latest Podcast: Do You Need to Be More of An A**hole?

My book, "Take a Shower, Show Up on Time and Don't Steal Anything" is all about sharing things I've learned in my life either through making mistakes or watching other people make them. My goal is to let you know what I've learned so you won't make the same mistakes I have.

I've loved my career. I love what I do and I've had a lot of success at it. I'm very happy, honored and flattered that people want to listen to my show and hear what we are up to. It's a privilege to be in your car, in your home or with you wherever you're listening to KDWB or my podcast.

But I have gotten frustrated at times with seeing some people who seem to get noticed in our company a lot more than I do. Some of these people steal ideas I've come up with and use them on their show, which is part flattering and part maddening.

I was talking to Susan about this and she told me, "You have never been enough of an asshole to demand what you want." I thought, "Is that what it takes? Being an asshole? I'm not sure if that's true."

So I asked her to be on the podcast with me to talk about it. Maybe YOU need to be moree of an asshole too, you never know!

Listen below.

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