Watch Girl Go Through a Ton of Emotions Watching Sister Give Birth

On May 8, 2019, in a small rural hospital in Aurora, Missouri, Michelle was getting ready to give birth to her second baby girl. Her 15-year-old sister Maya wanted to be in the room this time. Little did she know how intense it was going to be! With her mom, LaDonna there for support, Maya did a lot of praying and was very worried for her sister and niece. As delivery approached, one of the delivery nurses tugged her over to the foot of the bed so she could get a full view of the birthing process. She shared so many mixed emotions in a very short time frame! She stated she was in pain as she watched the baby’s head coming out. As baby’s head emerged, her expression turned to disbelief and shock, then amniotic fluid sprayed everywhere and on everyone. As baby continued to make her way into this world, relief and joy came over her. She tearfully gazed at her sister and new baby niece as love and joy overtook her.



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