Trend-Spotters Say These Shoe Trends Will Dominate Summer 2019

Yes, we LOVE our shoes, and we LOVE to be controversy! And, there’s nothing wrong with doing that and setting trends in the process. It’s what the fashion industry is made of.

What are the styles that will be taking over 2019? They were all over the runways, and now they’re hitting the stores.It’s time to stock up on:

  • Wedges– Editor Lauren Eggertsen says, “I personally disliked wedges but ever since Maryam Nassir Zadeh introduced her Olympic wedge to the world, I’ve been forever changed.” They are HOT!

  • Anklets with Heels– Anklets can add a cool touch to the sexy heel look.
  • Platforms– These have recently returned, but they are not going anywhere. There are even throwback versions.
  • Heeled Flip-Flops– These just may be the biggest trend of the summer.

  • Nylon Socks with Sneakers– Prada is the reason why this is a trend, so you know it’s a go!
  • Sports Sandals– These may not have the sexiest look, but they are taking off!
  • Mary Janes– The summer isn’t here just yet, but this one of the most demanded styles.

More about the upcoming trends at Who What Wear

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