Steve-O's Pictures From His Anniversary Trip to Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina may seem like just another warm weather city that when you go and visit there isn't much to do besides sit by the pool, well, that's very wrong. Kristy and I went for our 10th anniversary and the PLAN was to just hangout, sit by the pool, go the beach, this did NOT happen because there was just too much to see and do. I think we sat by the pool ONCE and it was during a storm on Sunday, the rest of the time was spent either learning about the cities role in the forming of America and the slave trade, checking out animals either in the swamps or at the beach or we spent it taking pictures of the giant oak trees (I've never taken more pictures of trees in my entire life).

Another cool fact is a TON of movies were either filmed or the area inspired a number of movies including The Notebook, Forrest Gump, Halloween (the one that came out in 2018), ACE VENTURA. This is Boone Hall Plantation which you may recognize from The Notebook and the long road that leads to it is actually what inspired the plantation in Gone with the Wind.

We also spent some time on Sullivan's Island that has the best beaches in the area.

The city of Charleston was also great, tons of great history and awesome restaurants. The best hole in the wall restaurant we went to was The Griffon which easily has 50,000 $1 bills on the wall. Why? Because some guy said Bill Murray hangs out there on Thursday nights.

There's a ridiculous amount of history downtown and you could spend an entire day just walking around the neighborhoods reading signs on the walls and taking pictures on Rainbow Row.

Another amazing plantation we went to was Magnolia Plantation that has amazing gardens, nature, history and the 'Slavery to Freedom' tour will give you a chilling view of just how horrible the slave trade was in the south. I would actually say skip the garden tours which you can do yourself and learn about life as a slave in the south.

It was a great trip, learned a ton and hope to go back because there's so much we never even got to do.

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