Watch KARE 11's Kiya Edwards Get Grossed Out By Something A lot of Us Like

Kiya Edwards from KARE 11 filled in for Falen on today's show and revealed to Steve that she had a fear/is grossed out when she hears people eat cereal. He of course used it as an opportunity to get video of her reaction to him eating cereal and it's priceless.


We then asked what people to share some of their irrational fears, here are just a few.

Pulling apart cotton
I hate to see people eat hot dogs. They look good with all the fixings but I just hate to see people eat them
Biting paper or Styrofoam makes me cringe hard and my teeth feel like they're going to run away
My boyfriend smacks his lips while eating. I want to smack him upside the head every time. Sometimes I even have to leave the room it's so bad
Me and my twin sister can''t stand rubbing on carpet. Like shuffling feet or cleaning a stain with a cloth.....ugh...gets me annoyed just talking about it. –
Butterflies. I am so afraid of them
OMG! Styrofoam is awful. My whole body just starts shivering from the sound.


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