This is Samantha's Mom, Spotted Partying Backstage With Van Halen in 1984

We got a call from a woman named Samantha who told us how her cousin came across a video of Samantha's mom partying backstage with Van Halen in 1984 in Detroit. Samantha says her mom had never mentioned this story to her and now she wonders why not? I mean, that's pretty cool for a young girl in 1984 to be backstage at a Van Halen concert!

We found the video and here are some screen grabs of her mom.

In the last picture, you can tell she's making an attempt to hide behind the guy on the left. What was she hiding from? The mystery deepens! We'll find out the whole story later this week if we can get ahold of Samantha's mom!

Here's the entire video. The part with her mom starts at about 45:30.

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