Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures: Great Nana & Mom Swedish Death Cleans

It was a big weekend for me because my Mom and 90 year-old Nana came to visit this weekend. My Nana has always been my favorite because she's always been a character, she's now a widow that lives on a farm in a small town in central New York but that's never stopped her from getting out and doing things. Since retiring as a nurse 20+ years ago she's done water aerobics at the YMCA at least twice a week, she goes out for coffee and has done everything from cruise Alaska to visit Italy, Ireland and other countries.

On Friday both my mom and Nana went and visited Isaac at school for lunch.

Since the weather was "blah" on Saturday we ended up taking my mom and Nana to Sea Life at Mall of America. During the trip here from NY, my mom and Nana had a layover in Chicago and during this layover my Nana was accidentally tripped by someone in a rush so when we got to the mall we had her in a wheelchair. If you've ever been to Sea Life then you know there's a pretty steep hill and luckily I was able to push my Nana down it without losing control.

Mall of America was PACKED on Saturday and even thought the lines were CRAZY it was cool to see this in the mall.

Another highlight of my mom's visit was the fact that she brought half a suitcase worth of stuff from my childhood, from art to reports and report cards because my mom is doing some Swedish death cleaning and she ended up getting some real gems.

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