Some of the Weird Excuses To Avoid Going To The Gym

While some people may love the gym, there are plenty of others who’ll avoid going at all costs, and it seems a lot of us make excuses for skipping our daily workouts.

According to a new survey, 60% of Americans make up some sort of excuse to avoid going to the gym. Some of the more common excuses include:

  • Being too tired (63%)
  • Too hot (39%)
  • Too cold (39%)
  • Just ate (31%)
  • Walked a lot today (27%)
  • Recovering from last workout (27%)
  • Gym will be too crowded (22%)

But then there are people who have come up with some crazy stories for not hitting the gym, and it shows just how much people hate exercising.Crazy excuses include:

  • My cat is on fire
  • My pancreas hurts
  • My downstairs is flooded (it wasn't)
  • I called my instructor and told him I had to take my son’s bicycle into service
  • I exercised in my dreams
  • I stubbed my pinky toe
  • I was kidnapped by aliens
  • I took Viagra and am too engorged to wear workout clothes
  • My body is allergic to sweat

Now, as for why people don’t like going to the gym, that’s another story. The survey found that 28% of people simply said it wasn’t fun, while others don’t like getting sweaty, or say they never see results, and others feel judged at the gym.

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