It's Earth Day: Here's the Trash I Personally Created in One Day

Monday, all of us on the show kept all the trash we created through the day and put it in a trash bag, and all of us took a picture of it tonight.

My trash included two coffee cups, a coffee creamer, a packet of coffee from our work coffee maker, work papers, napkins and more.

In this picture I also included a foil baking dish and the cover but they're both recyclable, as is the caribou lid and the plastic cup.

That might not seem like a lot, and honesty, it was probably a little less than average. Remember, I'm not counting the soap and shampoo and laundry detergent I washed down the drain. It's not trash, but it all has an impact.

BTW, I just heard on TV that recycling is really in trouble. China used to let us ship them our recycling but they don't anymore. And that only 30 percent of the stuff we try to recycle actually gets recycled. Mostly because we are doing it wrong. Experts say it's actually better to not recycle at all rather than to recycle wrong.

For some simple tips on recycling right, click here.

Don't be like the celebrities and politicians (not to mention the people on social media) who are always harping about saving the Earth. Remember, you can actually do something to help.


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