30+ Biggest Names in Music & Pop Culture in Lil Dickey "Earth" Music Video

Lil Dickey released his new video yesterday. It's called"Earth", and as we heard, it's got about 30 guest stars. The song is about taking care of the planet, but most of the video is animated, and the celebrities all play ANIMALS.

Well, most of them anyway.  Ariana Grande is a Zebra, Justin Bieber is a monkey, Miley Cyrus is an elephant, and Kevin Hart plays the strangest creature of them all . . .Kanye West.

The song is all about conservation so no surprise, Leonardo DiCaprio makes an appearance in the music video as himself.

Here's everyone who's in it, in their order of appearance . . . 

2:13 -Justin Bieber- Baboon

2:23 -Ariana Grande- Zebra

2:34 -Halsey- Lion Cub

2:38 -Zac Brown- Cow

2:44 -Brendon Urie- Pig

2:45 -Hailee Steinfield- Mushroom

2:46 -Wiz Khalifa- Skunk

2:48 -Snoop Dog- Marijuana

2:51 -Kevin Hart- Kanye

3:14 -Adam Levine- Vultures

3:18 -Shawn Mendes- Rhinos

3:21 -Charlie Puth- Giraffe

3:24 -Sia- Kangaroo

3:28 -Miley Cyrus- Elephant

3:30 -Lil Jon- Clam

3:33 -Rita Ora- Wolf

3:34 -Miguel- Squirrel

3:36 -Katy Perry- Pony

3:44 -Lil Yachty- HPV

3:49 -Ed Sheeran- Koala

3:55 -Meghan Trainor,Joel Embiid, and Tory Lanezdid the India, Africa, China, Germany montage with Lil Dicky.

5:39 -Kris Wu,Bad Bunny,Psy, andJohn Legenddo the descent from space to the mountain top.

6:29 -Leonardo DiCaprioas himself

6:35 - And the Backstreet Boys harmonize for the reveal in the credits.

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