Win Star Party Tickets! How Many Jellybeans Are In This Jar?

Easter means jelly beans! (Actually, it has a way deeper meaning than that, as I learned in Vaction Bible School) BUT for this, we're going with Jelly Beans.

Take a good look at this jar. Guess how many jelly beans are in it and you can win KDWB Star Party tickets.

To help you out, it's a standard size mason jar and it's all jelly beans. I didn't put a golf ball or anything in the middle to mess you up.

Send your guess, one guess per email address, to by midnight Sunday, April 21. I'll choose a winner at random from all the correct guesses. If there are no correct guesses, I'll choose winner at random from the closest guesses.

BTW, don't put anything else in your email except the number you're guessing cuz I'm gonna have a ton to go through and I won't be able to read anything more than the number. It's not like I have a personal assistant or anything! LOL!

Good luck and Happy Easter!

Here's another pic of the jar if it helps.

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