Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures: Junk Bonanza & I Was a Rock Star

It was another busy weekend for our family that started with a trip to Junk Bonanza at Canterbury Park. If you don't know what it is, Junk Bonanza is an event that happens twice a year for shoppers of vintage finds, antiques and re-purposed pieces along with items that look like they were found on a set of a horror film. My favorite is the porcelain dolls, I can't imagine anyone would want these doll pieces below in their house but they have em' so people must be buying them. (I will never be one of those buyers)

The strangest and biggest item for sale this year has to be the hippo skull for $4,500 dollars! I don't know if anyone actually bought but if I had the disposable income I think it would be cool to have because you know nobody would be able to come into your home without commenting on it.

Saturday night we had plans to go to the Dayton Fireman's Dance which is a fundraiser for the Dayton Fire Department but before the dance we went to The Tipsy Chicken in Elk River. The little restaurant is perfectly located between a tattoo shop and vape store which doesn't matter because the food was excellent. It's locally owned and they pride themselves in making all of their food from scratch. Our friend Kevin and my wife both ordered the Dixie Chicken and they said it was awesome.

After dinner we head to the Daytona Country Club for the Dayton Fireman's Dance where I tried to win a few items in the silent auction but failed miserably but I did get this sweet picture with my wife

One of the reasons I'm such a big fan of the dance is because beers cost $3.00 and this year the Chris Hawkey Band was the musical performer and after a couple Coors Lights Chris called me up on stage to do a duet and to dance. Here I am performing with Chris (a song that I don't at this moment remember but I was pretty

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