Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: I Hate to Throw It Away But I Have To

What? The weekend is over already? Dang, how does that happen???

I hope you had a great weekend. It looked warm and beautiful Sunday and lots of people said "It's warm enough for me!" even though it didn't even reach 50 degrees. But we Minnesotans will take anything above freezing if we can get it!

Here's my weekend five photos!

Susan went to the casino and spent the night with her friends, and Carson was out with his buddies, so it was just me on Friday night. I'd bought these pizzas for a friend's kid's fundraiser and as pathetic as I felt eating frozen pizza alone, it was actually pretty good!

You might have heard me talking about this on the radio. I have hundreds of old tapes of me on the radio in the basement, dating to back when I was about 19 years old, maybe younger. I sent some of them away to be digitized and got them back this weekend. And amazingly, hours and hours of audio on 45 different tapes was reduced to...

This. Crazy. Now I can throw those old tapes away, but there's part of me that will miss them. It seems a shame to throw them all in the trash but there's no real reason to keep any of them. Maybe I'll keep just one or two.

Saturday night, we all went to Hell's Kitchen downtown for dinner. Very good food and a great atmosphere. Then we walked to the State Theater to see "Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles." It's my 5th or 6th time seeing it and I just love it. The family loves them too, maybe not as much as me though.

Sunday, Allison and I went to see "Us." So many questions about that movie. I can't figure out whether it was sheer genius or pure crap. I wonder if Jordan Peele threw a bunch of meaningless things in the movie to make us say, "I get it! I know what he's trying to say there!"

And when we got home, Susan had Carson and I hag a coat rack she painted. I've taught Carson how to use a drill and wall anchors probably a dozen times and he does okay with it, but I'm not sure if he could do it without me coaching him.

That's it! Make it a great week! It's in your power!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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