Knees Should Not Do That! Watch Auburn Gymnast Dislocating Both Her Knees

I'm only posting this because it's both simply shocking and amazing to see at the same time and while thankfully there's no blood it's still a super-gruesome injury. I’m posting the entire competition but the accident happens around 39:30.

It happened this past Friday at an NCAA gymnastics regional event in Louisiana. A senior from Auburn University named Samantha Cerio came down after a double handspring and both her legs bent backwards at the knees. At first, people thought she'd broken both her legs.

The video has been online since at least Saturday, but for some reason it really blew up yesterday. Luckily for Samantha, nothing is broken. But she did dislocate both knees, and she tore multiple ligaments. She needed surgery, and she has officially retired from the sport.

If you're worried about her, don't worry because she's an aerospace engineering major with a 3.48 GPA, and when she graduates in May she already has a job lined up at Boeing.

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