Colt's Weekend in Five Photos *Florida Vacation - Baby Announcement*

Okay sooooooo.

Wow. Where do I start?

Probably at the airport on Tuesday night? Okay, sure.

Went to MSP with my lovely wife around 2p. Got on a flight to Orlando.... made it there.... finally.... around 10p.

The next day, I got up, went for a run, & opened my first alcoholic beverage around noonish (probably more like 11a, but whatever, i'm on vacation).

On Thursday, Jenn and I hit the beach. We decided to take our baby announcement photos in Florida! We've been keeping it a secret for what seems like forever. I felt like I was lying to everyone... but i'm glad the word is out!! Here's a photo about said announcement :)

See all the announcement photos on my Instagram (honestly it'd be easier if you just followed me and then I wouldn't have to make this blog but alas - it gives me something to do).

Also click here to see my baby announcement blog

Friday!! What did we do. Oh yeah. We drove from Ormond Beach to Melbourne. It's about 1hr and 1/2 away. I used to live in Melbourne. It's a cool little town on the Atlantic ocean. Lots of beaches, also a college there.


We took a drive inland to River Ranch. This place is so kick ass. It's like a western cowboy town in the middle of Florida. It's a giant community with cabins, glamping, & camping trailers. Everyone drives their golf carts around the community. Idk. relaxing. untapped. fun. stress free. Definitely go if you want an abnormal setting for a vacation.

See photos from the ranch:

Sunday, we drove back to Orlando. I was looking forward to going to Universal, but Jenn and I were soooooo exhausted. Plus she's pregnant. So. Ya know. Don't want to overdue things.

Stayed the night, got up at 5am, & now i'm sitting at my desk in Minneapolis typing this blog.

AGAIN! It was so difficult keeping this pregnancy on the down low. I remember when Falen told all of us at work about her big news. I thought she was joking and then weather girl Jenny was like, "No she's serious!" I thought it was so weird because the night before Falen told the KDWB staff - I found out Jennifer was pregnant!

Here's the text exchange:

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you so much for being a part of my life. You have NO idea.

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