An April Blizzard Is On The Way - Here's How Much Snow We'll Get

Say it ain't so!!

An April blizzard is on the way and it's looking bad... real bad.

Just when we thought it was over, Mother Nature is surprising us with an April blizzard that will last through Friday.

Wednesday -

It will begin Wednesday night with a snowfall of 3-5 inches

(snow total: 5 inches)

Thursday -

Thursday is the big day for snow. In the morning/afternoon, you can expect 5-8 inches & at night, 1-3 MORE inches of snow.

(snow total: 15 inches)

Friday -

Friday the snow will FINALLY wrap up with the last 1-3 inches.

(snow total: 18 inches)

That's right, we could be looking at around 18 INCHES of snow! The good news, it will all melt a few days later, but no one wants to deal with this stuff in April.

Come on MN, get your shiz together.

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