Dave's Weekend in 5 Photos: Including a Ridiculous Cat Toy Susan Got Roger

It was kind of a weird weekend. I think we still have a bit of the jet lag. They say it takes one day of recovery for each hour you were off. I was off 14 hours so it may take another week to get back on track!

Here's my weekend in five pictures:

I hadn't been outside for a run since last fall, so Saturday morning, Josie and I went out and did 3 miles. It was cool and perfect running weather and the run was pretty easy. BTW, congrats to Weather Girl Jenny who did a half-marathon in 2:05 on Saturday!

Saturday we went out to Benihana for Carson's 18th birthday. He went there on his first birthday and like everyone in our family, most every other birthday. The chef was great and he made this little chicken out of eggs.

Sunday afternoon was a big afternoon. I drove the route for Roger's Rescue Ride, a motorcycle ride benefiting Pause 4 Paws, a pet charity that we love and do a lot of work with. This year we are riding from Hastings to Wabasha on the Minnesota side of the Mississippi, then up the Wisconsin side to Prescott. It's been called one of the most scenic rides in America and it really is so beautiful. If you ride, sign up here!

As I drove back up on the Wisconsin side on Sunday, the fog covered Lake Pepin entirely. It was so beautiful I had to stop and get this picture. It doesn't do it justice, but it showed me that even on a cloudy, foggy day, the route is still so scenic.

I just don't even know what to say about this. Susan's baby is her cat, Roger, which she got with help from Pause 4 Paws, BTW. She's bought him so many ridiculous cat toys and this is the latest. I told Carson the cat has a nicer room than he does, and he agreed.

Thanks for looking at my weekend in 5 pictures! I hope you have a great week!



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