The Land of 10,000 Lakes is Dealing with Overwhelming "Lake Litter"

One of the greatest things about Minnesota is fishing our 10,000 lakes and with the ice melting, anglers have left their mark on Minnesota's lakes and this isn't a good thing because as the ice has melted the MN DNR is left with a mess. KARE 11 shared a Facebook post from the DNR that showed just how bad it is.

The DNR shared pictures of what looks like mountains of trash and also reported finding abandoned fish houses and even a recliner on Lake Minnetonka.


I don't need to tell you how frustrating this is to hear because who doesn't know that it's bad to litter. It reminded me of the rumored "island of plastic trash" floating around the Pacific Ocean which spoiler, it's real and not a rumor. That leads me to a video of a scuba diver off the coast of Bali who documented just how bad the pollution is and makes me wonder if this is what could happen in Minnesota.



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