My Crush Benedict Cumberbatch Has A Chocolate Bunny Made in his Likeness

Looking for a little something extra to fill your Easter basket with this year? If you’re tired of the same old chocolate bunnies, why not go for a Benedict Cumberbunny? It’s a chocolate bunny from U.K. company Chocolatician made to look like the “Doctor Strange” actor and they did a good job - it looks scarily similar to the star.

If you want to nibble on his “handsome face and tasty bottom,” as the site advertises, it’s gonna cost you. The celeb-inspired confection sells for nearly $50 and shipping is an additional $20 and will take an estimated 14 to 18 days.

But for that kind of cash, you also get your choice of three flavors of the Cumberbunny: dark chocolate with hand-glazed bronze luster dust, milk chocolate with the bronze luster dust, and a limited-edition white chocolate Benedict with a 22-carat gold bow tie.

You can order your own Cumberbunny here.

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