More Pictures From My Trip to Japan!

Yesterday, I published so many photos that the blogging tool we use actually couldn't handle them all and it cut the last few off. So here are some more!

Toilets in Japan are not like toilets here. Most of the ones I saw had a built-in bidet, and a heated seat. This was a public toilet and it had a button on it to make a flushing sound to cover up the sounds of going to the bathroom.

BTW, speaking of sounds, some places like train stations and busy intersections actually play recorded sounds of birds chirping. Our guide couldn't exactly explain why.

There are a ton of 7-11 stores in Japan but they're different than convenience stores here. First of all, they're busier and they look way more like a supermarket than a convenience store. They're the same size building as here but the products are stacked much higher. I dunno how to explain it but it's just a totally different vibe.

And speaking of markets, this was just another scene from a street market selling fish.

The first few days in Tokyo, we only saw a few women wearing kimonos, but in Kyoto, we saw quite a few men and women wearing them, although the men's were usually one dark color, while the women's were very colorful. I'm not sure why some women wore them as many of them seemed to just be out doing some ordinary shopping, so apparently they're not for dressing up or for a special occasion.

We went on several tours to Japanese shrines and temples. While they were very beautiful and impressive, we didn't find them to be very interesting. They're very important in Buddhism and Shintoism but didn't hold much interest to three protestants from the US. In fact, on our last day, we skipped a day-long tour of more shrines and temples. If you go to Japan, definitely see some but if they don't sound too appealing to you, there are lots of other things to see and to.

Like just observing how different the culture is. Check out this sign. You don't eat and walk in Japan. Not sure why, you just don't.

Like taking Japanese drum lessons!

Exploring arcades and stores where they have nothing but vending machines with little toys.

Lots of shopping.

Eating food we don't have at home.

And food we do.

Tomorrow, the last photos from Japan which will be all about my favorite part of the whole trip. Don't miss it.

Thanks for looking at my blog

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