Colt's Weekend In Five Photos

This weekend was actually low key.

Friday was just your usual work until midnight type of days for me. I love that I get to work though, so it's all good!

Saturday I woke up craaaaaviiiiing some pancakes. Sooo my wife and I went to Edina & ate at the Original Pancake House. It is sooooooooooooooo *deep breath* oooooooooooooo amazing!

Later that night we went downtown Minneapolis to check out a comedy show. Our friend is sort of kind of getting into comedy & it's been pretty cool watching her grow in the field. They have this thing once a month for charity at Underground Music Cafe - Comedy at The Crane:

Sunday was a max chill day. What did we even do? Oh wait. Maybe it wasn't that max chill. We went to Mall of America. That's actually the opposite of max chill lmao. Nevermind. Yeah so, we bought some clothes did some walking around and got some smoothies.

I love hanging out with the wifey on Sundays especially.

We ended the night on the couch watching one of the last episodes this season of 'Shameless.' We've been watching that show for years now.

thanks for reading and welcome to my family!! Hope you're weekend was awesome. Take it easy!

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