Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: Fixing Sweaty Pits and the Dog Meet Up

I was busy all weekend. Friday I was able to take care of my underarm sweat problem once and for all by doing the Miradry procedure. It’s basically using lasers to shutdown your armpit sweat glands and for people with chronic sweat issues I think it’s a no brainier. Here I am at Advanced Dermatology Care in White Bear Lake. 

When I got home the snow was slowing down (just like my drive from White Bear Lake to Rogers which took nearly two hours) and the kids were outside playing so I went out and we took some fun pics in the snow.

This picture is one I'm pretty proud of because I think it just looks cool. I had Isaac take the picture and then I did a bit of trickery to it and I feel like If I ever have a rap album this will be the cover.


Saturday it was running around and saw Bohemian Rhapsody which I found to be a huge disappointment. I was not a big fan of ‘A Star is Born’ but still think Bradley Cooper was much better. 

Sunday was our dog meet up in Eden Prairie and we had a blast meeting people and their dogs, so many people showed up and we raised a TON of money for Pause for Paws. I met so many people and I was able to memorize dog names way before I could memorize human names. 


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