The Songs Taylor Swift Uses to Get Through a Break Up

Everyone knows Taylor Swift writes songs about her exes to get over a break-up. But she also listens to other people's music to get past it.

In an essay for the British edition of "Elle" magazine, Taylor said, quote, "I'm convinced that 'You Learn' byAlanis Morissette,'Put Your Records On' by Corinne Bailey Rae, and'Why' byAnnie Lennox have actually healed my heart after bad breakups or let downs."

Other songs have also helped her get through various stages of her life.

She said, quote, "When I hear'How to Save a Life' by The Fray,'Breathe (2AM)'by Anna Nalick or 'The Story'by Brandi Carlile, I immediately flash back to being 17 and on tour for months on end.

"When I'd get a day at home in between long stretches on the road sharing a van with my band and crew, I'd spend my rare nights off painting alone with candles lit in my room . . . just being alone with those songs."

She notes that all these songs are from"Grey's Anatomy". . . two are on the soundtrack, and"Breathe (2AM)"has been used several times on the show.

Elle Magazine

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