What Body Language Experts Have to Say About Gaga and Bradley at the Oscars

Since "A Star is Born' opened in movie theaters people have been buzzing (and wishing) that Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper were actually a thing and last week with Gaga's announcement of a split from her fiance the buzz just won't go away.

A number of body language experts weighed in and have a lot to say about what they saw and while they recognize it was a staged performance they also argue there's something else there.

A Body Language expert named Blanca Cobb has some great insight into what she saw,
"The song 'Shallow' sets the stage for their characters' romance. To take the chemistry from the big screen to the live performance at the Oscars requires them to get back in character. What makes their real life chemistry even hotter than their characters, however, is that Cooper and Gaga’s friendship has sparks of attraction. Their interactions are tender, sweet,"

Dr Lillian Glass told Elite Daily,

“There’s incredible chemistry between them. You felt it on the stage — and that’s why the movie is such a success. And you feel it off the stage," Glass tells Elite Daily. "They genuinely love one another. The definition of love is respect and admiration. They have true love. You can see it."

She went on to say,

“He was so genuine. His eyes crinkled. His teeth showed. The apples of his cheeks rose," and she says Gaga returned those genuine looks back to Bradley. “It was a beautiful moment — probably the most beautiful moment we’ve on live television," Glass declares. "People felt it. The body does not lie."

In my opinion, they're performers, great performers that have learned what it takes to put on a show and they know JUST what to do...but I've been wrong before.

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