Going Through a Breakup, a Company Wants to Help Pack Up and Move On

When a relationship ends, you go through a lot. Oh, I don't mean you go through a lot of emotions . . . I mean you go through a lot of paperwork.

There's a new startup that wants to help you. It's called Onward, and it's a company that says it'll handle all the LOGISTICS of your breakup. That means they'll handle everything from finding you a new place to live, setting up the utilities, packing and moving your stuff out of you and your ex's place, setting you up on dates, finding you a therapist, and building your Ikea furniture.

The service starts at $99 for a basic package and can go up to $500 if you want the works.

Onward was founded by two childhood friends, 34-year-old Lindsay Meck and 33-year-old Mika Leonard . . . they say they got the idea after they both went through complicated breakups six months apart. Right now the service is only available in New York City, but they're planning to expand to other cities soon. 

NY Post


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