Want to Know if Your Partner Wants to "Do It" There's Now a Button For That

It's something you didn't know you'd ever need is now on Kickstarter, a button that lets you know that your significant other is in da mood.


You know those few moments after you’ve just gotten in bed with your partner and you’re wondering if you’re going to get it on or not? Sometimes, it’s awkward to just blurt it out when there was no lead up. And what if they’re not in the mood? That’s where LoveSync comes in. It’s a button you can press to let your partner know you’re horny and ready.Here’s the idea – you get two buttons. You put one on your side of the bed and the other on their side. If either of you are feeling horny, press the button. When just one person presses, nothing happens. But if you BOTH press, the buttons will glow green.


It's a fun gadget but it could easily be avoided by couples who simply talk to each other.


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