Murder Monday: An Australian Adventure Turned Deadly for Peter Falconio

An adventure of a lifetime. Many young couples use the time after college and before they start their career to explore, to do something that as soon as "real life" arrives they'll no longer be able to do because of responsibility. this was the dream for Peter Falconio and his girlfriend, Joanne Lees. The couple had started dating after meeting in 1996 in England while Peter was in college and in 2000 before their life became to busy for an adventure they took off on what they thought was the ultimate adventure.

Peter and Joanne decided it was the perfect time to backpack across part of the world, they left for Nepal in 2000, soon visiting Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and then in January 2001 they arrived in Sydney, Australia deciding it would be a good spot for to stay for awhile. Joanne worked at a book store and Peter worked at a company that made furniture. They made friends but after six months of living in Sydney they decide it's time to make a move and continue their adventure so they head for the Australian outback...the vast, remote interior of Australia, a barren but beautiful part of Australia that is known for being hot, desolate and dangerous. The trip into the outback ended up being the last for one member of the couple.

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