Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 2/8 - 2/10

I began my weekend by letting my favorite little niece out, Eliot. Now this was not an easy task. Roads were still not plowed, so when I went to park on the side of the street I got stuck in a foot of snow. I dug myself out, while wearing tights/heels in negative degree weather, with a freaking car scraper. When I finally got myself out, I parked down the block and walked to Falen's front door to find the sidewalks were not shoveled (sorry for calling you out Falen). Then trekked through about 2 feet of snow to the back door. It was a struggle but then I saw this face and everything was okay:

I went to dinner Friday night at Mancini's. Had the blackened walleye and it was delicious!

Afterwards we hit up Bad Weather Brewing. Highly recommend the Coffee Ominous!

When I went into the station during the Sunday snowstorm to do my Sunday show, I stopped at Dunn Bros to get coffee. I drink hot coffee at home, but always get iced coffee no matter the weather when I hit up a coffee shop!

I've been hibernating the last couple of weeks because of the weather so when my girlfriends asked me to grab a drink at Hai Hai, I decided to brave the snow and go out for one Sunday afternoon.


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