Twin Four-Year-Old Get Their Own Clothing Line at Target

You might not recognize the names Mila a nd Emma Stauffer, but you may recognize the four-year-old twins from their videos on social media. Their mom, Katie, a family blogger, often posts hilarious videos of the adorable little girls on her Instagram account , which has a cool four-million followers.

Mila and Emma are best known for ranting about everything to aka "survival juice,” but now they can add “fashion designer” to their resume because they’re getting their own limited-edition clothing line at Target this month. The girls even had a hand in the design, helping to choose fabrics and decide on details.

“I always found joy in dressing my kids in adorable handmade costumes and cute outfits, and my followers did, too,” Katie says in a press release. “Social media transformed our family’s lives and has opened the door for us to share our passion of making people smile with the world.”

Look for the “very girly” fashions to at Target stores and online February 24th.


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