Are You Kidding? Gucci Apologizes for Sweater That Resembles Blackface

We all have jobs and if you work in a job where your creativity is encouraged then you can make bad choices in the spirit of "lets do something different''. We all make mistakes which is why you have co-workers to say, "hey, Pam, know that thing you were doing that's different???'s a bad idea"

This person obviously doesn't exist at Gucci because how anyone there could think that no one would look at this new sweater design and think "ummmm, does this look offensive'.

Gucci released a new line of sweaters that pull up over part of your face and then there's a hole for your mouth, okay, fine but then they have to go and include over-sized red lips. It looks bad but even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and think maybe they didn't realize it, when it ended up on a model THAT'S WHEN SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE SAID STOP! This clearly looks like blackface and you have to wonder "what the hell are they thinking". Oh and of course because it's Gucci, the sweater cost $890.

After a ton of backlash, Gucci has come out and apologized.

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