Frontrunner Cassie From The Bachelor Is On Another Reality Show

Frontrunner Cassie, who just had a very intimate one-on-one with Colton this last week, is also starring in another reality show that is airing RIGHT NOW. Before going on The Bachelor, Cassie filmed the second season of the online docuseries called Young Once.

YoungOnce follows a group of young Christians, sort of Laguna Beach style, that includes Cassie and her ex-boyfriend. They did the first season in 2016 and then filmed the second last summer just shortly before Cassie went on The Bachelor.

I creeped the Insta account of YoungOnce, and what I've gathered is Cassie's ex is still in love with her but Cassie doesn't seem to be into him anymore. So while Cassie might seem like she's a little fame-hungry, I would say she isn't the girl that went on The Bachelor with loose ties.

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