Watch Horrible Woman Get Escorted Off a Plane For Fat-shaming Seatmates

Video posted by Norma Rodgers , a registered nurse from New Jersey, shows the unidentified woman ranting about having to sit between Norma and her partner. The woman starts by complaining to someone on the phone (as though they weren't sitting there). “This is just impossible ’cause they’re squishing me," she sniffed. "Like, just unbelievable." Then she added, "At least they’ll keep me warm."

That's when Norma had enough - especially with the woman's crack, "I eat salad." Calling over a flight attendant, SHE asked that the woman be moved noting, "I will not be verbally abused by this b—h or anybody else… I am not starting my new year off with this kind of negativity.” The flight attendant politely obliged, but if you thought that's where it ends, you'd be wrong.

As the flight attendant asks the woman wait in the back to arrange another seat, she continued ranting - even as OTHER passengers confronted her. “I’m not politically correct," she cracked. "Why don’t you try and sit between those two big pigs?”

That's apparently, when the flight crew had enough. Flight attendants escorted the ranting woman off the plane. Rogers later gave props to the airline for how they handled the whole thing noting the crew “handled the situation professionally and calmly.” As for United, it appears they were only too happy to comply. "United flight attendants care about the safety and well being of all of our customers which is why they acted quickly to find a different seat for the disruptive customer," a spokesman says in a statement. "When it became clear that this passenger's behavior was likely to be problematic on this flight, she was provided alternate travel arrangements first thing the next morning."

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