Meet the ONE Guy Responsible for a Third of What You See on Wikipedia

Meet Steven Pruitt, Wikipedia’s top editor, who has written for the site for the past 13 years, has edited nearly three million pages and added 35,000 more original articles.

As a guy that's done so much for the site you would have to assume that he's making some serious cash, nope, he hasn't made a DIME.

CBS News just did a feature about his Wikipedia work, the site has about 5.7 million articles but how does he have the time or fund to do this?

Here's what he says about his life.

“My first article was about Peter Francisco, who was my great great great great great great grandfather … and if we had an hour I could probably go into the full story,” Pruitt said. “He was a sergeant in arms in the Virginia Senate and there’s kidnapping, potential piracy. If you read the story you would not believe any of it happened.”
Still living with his parents in the home he grew up in, Pruitt has always remained true to his interests.
“I think for a long time there was an attitude of, ‘That’s nice, dear. The boy’s crazy. I don’t know why he wastes his time, the boy’s crazy,'” Pruitt said of what his parents think of his volunteer gig.

Real talk, this guy is a nerd but he's the reason you passed American History because we BOTH KNOW you copied half of what he wrote on Wikipedia.


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